CNICE Video Description On-Line Recommendation


This document represents the recommendations for a standardised set of guidelines regarding accessibility issues for Video Description on-line. The scope of this recommendation is to include video content on the World Wide Web as well as streaming video and interactive on-line presentations with video components.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

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2. Existing Methods and Authoring Tools

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3. Guidelines

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Guideline 2 - Ensure that all video is accompanied by an audio and textual description

It is essential that all video be accompanied by both an audio and textual description. The audio description should describe all aspects of the video which carry meaningful information and are not conveyed by existing audio elements. If synchronized, the audio description should be timed so that the descriptions are played during natural pauses in the audio elements of the video. The textual description should be a transcription of the audio description. This guideline is in accordance with guidelines 1.1 and 1.3 of the WCAG 1.0.

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4. Validation

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5. Glossary

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Media is synchronized if the various available streams can be played at the same time.

6. References and Further Reading